Thursday, March 26, 2009

Survival of the Shortest

At our house, I do the grocery shopping and the cooking most of the time. So when I shop I buy tend to buy us a few snacks, treats, and yummy entrees. Because I also put them away I can't be held responsible for not telling Fred everything that I purchased and it's exact location in the house.

I will admit that I use this to my advantage because Fred eats us out of house and home. If I want something I have to eat it fast whether I'm hungry or not or…I put it on a shelf he can't see. Once again…it's not my fault he doesn't look around.
Lately I've been buying fruit snacks. I put them on the shelf in the pantry that also has crackers and other items of the same snacky nature. I had two boxes. I ate an entire box by myself over the course of a month and when I noticed the second box had gone untouched I knew he had no idea they were there. Nothing of that nature would last more than a day if he knew it was there.

A couple nights later, he was looking for something in the pantry so I told him it was on one of the bottom shelves. As soon as I uttered the words, I gasped. My secret was out.

Moments later I heard a "What the! How come you didn't tell me we had treats"
In my head "because I'm not stupid" out loud "oh…you didn't know they were there?" within a day that entire box was gone as expected.

This time there was a box of Fruit by the foot that I have been successfully NOT HIDING on the bottom shelf of the pantry for over a week and a half.

Last night, I got home from work and Fred was at class. I went up stairs and in our room was this:
A fruit by the foot wrapper. Crap. I've been discovered.

It's not my fault he doesn't look through the cupboards.


Michael + Christina said...

Thats Joseph for ya!!!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

Time to hide them behind the canned veggies and healthy stuff

Quinn and Linds said...

Quinn swears I hide stuff from him all the time!! If he did some of the shopping, then maybe he would know where things are!

Jared and Delia said...

That is so funny. Jared is that way with Oreos. I bought Oreos and put them in what I thought was PLAIN sight. Well apparently it wasn't plain enough to Jared and he didn't notice them for almost a week. When he discovered that they were there he acted like I had betrayed him or something. :) Oreos are his weakness.

Laura W said...

Funny, he always asked why we didn't have a snack drawer like the Pommerville's did. I am sure that you can see why!

erica said...

Same at our house. Blaine calls me the secret snacker. I kick him.

I love the wrapper on the wall. Amazing!

Please post pics of your new haircut so I can be inspired to chop mine!

Kristina Curtis said...

OMG my stomach hurts as I have laughed it off because of your histerical post! I did the same thing when we were fist married to. I have learned as you have too! If you wnat something to last hide it or take it to work to eat!! LOL!!! I am still laughing

I LOVE the wrapper on the wall!

Men..what would we do without them!!???

The Railsback's said...

Same thing for us! All the snacks go on the middle shelf, left side, sometimes things have to go behind other things and its not our fault! Men are just not lookers!! Darrin utters those same word, YOUR HIDDING IT!!!!

Karamie Maynes said...

That's hilarious! Lucky for Neal, I don't eat that many sweet treats, I like the salty one's! I hope you are doing great! I wanted to invite you to my (now private) blog and I need your email address if you could email it to me that would be great-my email is and you'll get an invite soon:) Thanks! Take care!