Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break = Break from Logan

For Spring Break this year we were pretty low-key. Fred helped our friends John and Amber remodel their rental house getting it ready to sale, I worked…and worked…and then at the end of the week we took off for Moab. We just needed a break from Logan in general. It didn't matter what we were doing just that we weren't in Logan.

Moab is the best place for vacations. We loving going because we can hike, golf, shop, and see the cutest three kids this side of the Mississippi. It was nice to just sit at their house too.

We're lucky to have family there. Thanks Jason and Jen for letting us invade your house!

I love this picture! The mountains are gorgeous!


Sydney said...

FYI- I'm totally offended by the "cutest 3 kids on this side of the Mississippi" statement.

Maybe it's the hormones talking but really, my kids are cute too!

Sydney said...

If you're not sure- just look at the picture to the right of this comment....HELLO, cuteness!

Unknown said...

LOL I knew as soon as I wrote it I'd get in trouble.

I meant three kids as a total. You've only got two so you can't be in the running until you have #3 (make it happen!)

You're kids are cute. I'd take either one on a tantrum free day!

Love you!

Laura W said...

Who is the shaggy dude in these photos?

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun break from Logan!