Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been tagged!

I'm always harrassing my friends to update their blogs. So today Diana told me that she finally did (she is by far the worst). So I read hers, loved it and then saw that she tagged me!

So here are 7 facts that you probably didn't know about me:

1. I DON'T share milk. I WON'T share milk. Never. I don't care if you're my husband, my mom, my sister, or my best friend--get your own glass sicko. I won't share my milk with you. Once you take a drink it's yours. Sharing milk (or any other nontransparent liquid) is disgusting. You never know what backwash is breeding in there!

2. I don't like the crust. I never eat the crust on anything. Sandwiches, pizza, and brownie edges included. I'm not sure why I choose to act like a child but I have severe issues with the brown stuff. Some may find this annoying but others are actually blessed by this. McKell loves my pizza crusts.

3. I have a habit of making my hair go staticky. I love it. I've been doing it since I was really little and had a horrible case of the unkept bangs. I'm pretty sure I stopped for a few years only to rediscover this later. Now I can't stop. Whenever my mom see's me do this she makes me pull my hair back and says, "it's time to cut your hair" as soon as she leaves the room I start doing it again!

4. I have a secret wish to be on "Good Things Utah". I know it's "so Utah" but that's why I love it! I love how trendy and cute they all are. I want to be just like Regan or Nisha when I have kids. Plus I think that I could be better than a couple of the people on there. Cocky maybe but you'd all be addicted to it if I were on!

5. I have RFS, Restless Finger Syndrome. I have to always have something to play with. This is the reason I pop my knuckles, play with book corners, do that page folding thing, take the ends off of pens, ruined the back cover on my phone and constantly loose jewelry. My fingers must be touching, pushing, ripping, popping, poking, or moving!

6. I cry in everything. No seriously. If I'm happy, if I'm sad, if someone says 'I love you' on tv, in hallmark commercials during the holidays. You name it and if it has any emotion connected to it then the chances are that I'll cry. Reality television makes me cry. America's Next Top Model has been know to make me shed a tear. Today I got teary eyed over a Christmas card.

7. I've never had a snickers bar. I've never eaten PB & J. I haven't eaten a tootsie roll. Not because I'm a freak but because there are justified reasons for each. I don't eat nuts. So a snickers bar would be completely out of the question. I have recently warmed up to the idea of peanuts that are by themselves but if they are in something else I'd rather go without. Next, I love cheese. I mean LOVE cheese. My little sister always had PB & J and I always had a cheese sandwich. Mmm. Yummy. The last one is because tootsie rolls look like poo. I don't know why so many people like to eat a little baby turds. I love the flavored ones but the poo can be passed thanks.

There are 7 facts that you probably never wanted to know about me!

I am tagging: Sydney, Mandy, Abbey, and Jeff.


Unknown said...

FREAKING "A" I have to do this. I am not sure there are 7 things about me people don't know...except that I am PURE EVIL!! MOO WHA HA HA

Sydney said...

Um, change my name to Jasons. He'd love to be tagged.

How much time did you put into your 7 things! Wow, I don't think I knew any of it. I guess that's what happens when your sister is 7 years older than you....oh yeah, I'm part of the boring ones.

Also, totally offended that you don't want to be like me when you're a mom. I bet Reagen and Nisha have piles on their kitchen table, kids running around without any clothes on and mom jeans too!

Nancy/Bob said...

I knew about the milk but not the crust or the tootsie rolls. How did you ever make it growing up without us knowing some of that stuff. We did know about the tears. but that is Hereditary from your dads side of the family. love mom