Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Adventure

What would our first Christmas be without a little adventure?

Our car, "Larry" the Alero, was acting a little funny on our way down to Salt Lake yesterday. It was doing this thing where it would accelerate and it would just jerk a bit. We were a bit annoyed but after we split up in Salt Lake there weren't anymore problems.
11:00pm- Girls Day ends. We leave Kellies and hit the road to get home.
11:02pm- Larry starts freaking out. Jerking, lack of acceleration, causing major frustration.
11:30pm- We stop for the third time. Fred pops the hood. Looks around under there and we're off again.
12:00am- We're now in North Salt Lake after traveling on State street for a half hour and having to have our flashers on.
12:15am: Larry has pushed Fred's last button and is not cooperating. As long as we stay under 10mph he's fine which is not an ideal situation to travel another 60 miles. We stop at a Tesoro station in North Salt Lake and call AAA (thankfully my mom isn't cutting me off of that one until Jan 1!)
1:00am: Tow Truck arrives. There was suppose to be room for both of us in the truck but he brought his teenage daughter so there is no way the three seater will fit 4 of us. So...We got to ride in our car--on top of the tow truck.

It was freezing! We both had on good coats so that was a good thing and luckily my husband is really smart and puts a blanket in the trunk during the winter. It was pretty cold but not too horrible.

3:15am: We pull into Logan. We get our car off the tow truck say thank you and go home and crash.

It was really stressful and a little scary but in the end it was really funny.


Kellie said...

I am so sorry that happened. You should have just stayed the night with me. At least you made it home safe. Thanks for playing this weekend. Saturday couldnt have been any better. Love you!

Amanda said...

So.......what the heck is wrong with the car??? Hopefully nothing too serious! I HATE car's they are nothing but trouble!!! Well, atleast you had an adventure!!! :o)

I am a little concerned about the riding on top of the tow truck all that way though!!! Was that really safe???

Amanda said...

Oh, and one other thing!!!! Aren't you lucky to have a NEW warm coat that kept you warm thru that awful ordeal?? HA!!!!

Nancy/Bob said...

Thank Heaven for mothers. It would be sad if you have to give up your car BUT I have a deal for you. I just received a new white car and we could make a great TAYLOR deal- Maybe Larry heard you got rid of his girl friend. LOve ya and see you this weekend- Merry Christmas- PS. YOu got your Christmas it is at your house.

Sydney said...

So what's wrong with the car? You shouldn't have sold your car to mom....silly girl.

Cynthia said...

Hey Chana oh my only to you! Well yes this will keep us in touch much better. Let's just hope I can find time to blog.