Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Easton!

This past weekend we went up to visit my sister in Mountain Home, ID. We went to celebrate Easton's 1st Birthday.

We had so much fun! When we arrived on Friday night, our nephew Gibson was so excited that he hadn't gone to bed and didn't until after 11:00. He was completely bouncing off the walls. He is so funny.

On Saturday morning, the boys went and played basketball. When they got back, Syd had made this amazing cinnamon and cream cheese breakfast goodness that she won't share the recipe for because she's mean.
Later that day, my parents arrived. They made giant snowmen in the front yard, and taught Gibson to throw snowballs.We went shopping and then ate some dinner and played. We watched Easton play with his cake...barely eating any of it. Then Easton, I mean Gibson opened presents.

It was such a good weekend! We're lucky to have family so close (though the drive is horrible).
We love you Condie Family!


Amanda said...

Tell Joseph to shave his face!!!

Nancy/Bob said...

Dear Chana,
The weekend was great and it was wonderful to have a fun weekend with my three girls. I just hope I didn't make any of you sick. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas we shall miss you but next year will be wonderful love mom Taylor