Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Road Trip!

In continuing in the wedding festivities, Fred and I headed out to Arkansas this past week. We rented an SUV (so we could bring back some of Fred's crap--as if there was room!) and headed out for the glorious 24 hour drive.

The drive only took us 19 hours which was so awesome to us! We didn't leave Salt Lake until 9pm and we arrived in Van Buren Arkansas around 4pm.
In order to make it through this journey we took the essentials: Harry Potter on CD, pillows and blankets, and snacks. (But only the healthy stuff except for the nibs that I smuggled into the shopping cart)
We were completely absorbed in Harry Potter. Well...I fell asleep but that's what kept Fred awake through our overnight drive.

We had so much fun in Arkansas! Fred and his parents showed me some of the historical sites such as the gallows-- where lots of people used to hang. It was pretty cool--and haunted.

Our reception was held in Alma at his old Bishop's giant house. It was outside by their large pool that over looked a million acres of forest. It was beautiful!
It was fun to put back on my wedding dress and do all the wedding stuff again. I was also able to meet a bunch of Fred's high school friends.

I am so lucky to have married into such a great family! They are so much like mine that it's scary! My Mother-in-Law was so great and planned this entire thing herself. My Father-in-Law spent many hours repairing pool area lights and working on the electrical side of things.

We loved Arkansas. It's beautiful and it's cheap. So who knows maybe some day we'll end up there.

It was so hard to leave. Our 2:00 departure quickly turned into an 8:00 one. We almost finished all of Harry potter so now we've resorted to listening to it before bed.

On our way home we stopped by in Moab to see my brother and his family. We were hoping that Jen had gone into labor and delivered their baby right as we got there but we had no such luck. We did get to go to lunch with them and my adorable neice Addison. (Jason was really sad we forgot our cameras so we couldn't blog about our experience!) He's a dork but you've got to love him.

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