Wednesday, October 3, 2007

FHE-the dresser that love built

For FHE Monday Fred and I put together our dressers we purchased at IKEA this past weekend.

IKEA is our new favorite store. If you haven't been there get there but plan for at least 2-3 hours once inside. We go crazy in there! With such low prices you can actually afford stuff!
When we began with our project, my first thought was 'oh good, my husband is super handy therefore he'll whip these out and I can sit and watch some good tv. awesome!' I was completely wrong. Fred is very much a team player. So we built them together.
It was actually more fun than I thought it would be--and easier!

It took us two hours to put two dressers together. We did things backward a couple times but were able to repair all mistakes. Unfortunately you could tell that by the second one we were both getting tired, so Fred's dresser wasn't put together with quite as much TLC as mine was.
We love them! Plus it's so nice to actually be able to put clothes somewhere! Fred is excited because I've been telling him that as soon as I got a dresser I would be able to put all my clothes away.

Now that we have them up and I've started putting clothes away--I have found tons of clothes that I don't wear and ones that I've had to ask myself if I'll ever wear that skirt I bought in New York in 2003 again. the answer was probably not. so off it went. (TV is such a great learning tool! I learned this one from Clean Sweap)
Fred will be happy to know that in an answer to his plea--I gave a huge bag of clothes to my little sister. Whether or not you can actually tell is another question.


Mauri said...

What a fun little FHE! Your dressers are so cute and I love your bedspread. I'm so jealous!

Kellie said...

I love the room! All you need now is something on the walls and you are all set.

thetaylors said...

That is the cutest Room I've ever seen. That dresser is sooooooo delicious.

Sydney said...

How come you get comments from our brother and I don't? Do I exist? Am I not the one who introduced you guys to blogs???

Cute room. Love the bedspread- almost got that one but knew it would look better in your room!

Abbey said...

Why have I not seen you in so long?! Geez... Just becasue you're married doesn't mean you can't hang out.. Just Kidding. We're doing it again, living in the same town and never seeing eachother and guess what? I don't like that!!! Call me sometime. I hope your job is going wonderfully! I wanna hear all about it.

Kate said...

I guess Zak and I need to go fight the crowds and check out the new IKEA- sounds like there are lots of cool things. Cute dressers! I'm glad to hear you guys are doing so well. Things are good for us, married life is great. And yes, we are still living in Provo for now and loving it. If you guys ever come to Utah Valley definitely give us a call, it would be so fun to see you!