Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pointers for your pointers

In order to make a bra fitting uber awkward follow the fool-proof steps developed and tested by yours truly:
  1. eat taco soup for 2 days prior to your fitting
  2. Wear leggings. the ones that give you a muffin top
  3. when you get to the room, make a comment about not knowing what to do because it's only your 2nd time
  4. Opt to not wear your white "undershirt" so that there isn't any additional awkwardness
  5. make a comment about selecting the wrong pants to wear for a bra fitting
  6. when the girl helps you out of your bra (this will be awkward on it's own) try to not turn and face her while your completely topless
  7. when she assists in putting on the fitting bra that is mostly transparent - don't double check the location of your headlights - surprise peeks are totally acceptable
  8. tell management to leave the AC on - it's fine in a transparent bra
  9. when she's out pulling new bras, adjust your leggings. pulling them up to minimize your muffin top but giving you a front and back wedgie - it's hot
  10. also because the fitting bra is different than any bra you've ever worn keep poking and feeling yourself without realizing it - keep doing this after she's returned to the room
  11. after finding the bra you love, tell her to tell you how amazing your boobs look
  12. go to work and say to coworkers (only women) (and ones that recently had a boob job) "oh my gosh - look at my boobs! Don't they look amazing?"
And they do. What a difference a good bra and the right size makes!!


thetaylors said...

Thanks for the smile. I needed that today.

kate said...

you're hilarious.

McKell said...

Was this at Vickys? A girl totally felt me up there during a fitting
and it was way awkward.

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...


Abbey said...

I am in dire need of a new bra!! Can't find one I like.. where did you get it and what kind was it?

Can't wait for my AZ trip!!

Jarrett and Sydni said...

I've never had a bra fitting like that! At VS they just give you a box full of them, I need to go where you go!!!! Sounds super awkward

Unknown said...

The bra fittings at Nordies are by far the best...and most awkward!! Though the awkwardness is totally me.