Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Money Tree

Some day I'd like a money tree.

A tree unaffected by the seasons, drought, or lack of care.

I'd like a never ending supply of this tree's fruit.

Things I'd buy with my tree's fruit:

  1. another tree
  2. lots of plane tickets to lots of places
  3. a "manly" truck for freddie
  4. a house with a big kitchen for me
  5. jewelry to replace what Southwest lost
  6. clothes/shoes/make-up
  7. crafting supplies and
  8. an endless supply of drinks from sonic

I mean really - it's not like that's a lot or anything!

Where does one buy a tree like this?


Stan & Ash said...

please tell me if you find out!

Kellie said...

I think they sell them at WalMart. Isn't everything there?

The Millers said...

Oh I have one...Derek's credit card. haha