Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Two weekends ago Fred's parents came out West. We met up with them in Vegas and then spent the rest of the weekend at Fred's sister Christina's house in St. George. It was so much fun and much needed!

We met Fred's parents in Vegas, they had never been to Vegas before and neither had Fred so we walked fast down the strip to hit as many 'must sees' as we could and to make it before their shows started. We rushed to the Bellagio only to make it to the last 30 seconds of the water show then rushed back to Treasure Island to waste our time at a UN-family friendly show with 10k of our closest friends. I was bummed we rushed back because it turned out to be a babes in bikini's show that was stupid, awkward, and slightly pornographic.

We went to Zion for the next two days. I went to Dixie for two years and had never been to Zion. It was awesome! We went on lots of fun hikes and all wished we'd had more time there.

When we did the Emerald Pools hike I was of course wearing my flip flops and on the way up a larger woman (on her way down), stopped us breathing heavy and pointed right in my face saying, "You're. going. To. Regret. Wearing. Those. I. Promise. You." scared me half to death only because I felt like she was putting a curse on me but I hiked the whole thing and had no problem-o. Yeah they weren't the ideal shoes but they worked just great (next time I'll wear my chacos…even if I don't want to).

It was so much fun spending time with Fred's family. We hardly ever get to see them so when someone heads out this way we drop everything to play with them! Who is coming next??

I was also reminded how similar Fred is to his dad. It's scary. They act a lot alike, look alike, and even annoy their wives the same ways.

We miss you all already!

**oh and in the post about Fred breaking his ring- we were all jumping up and hitting the cement barriers in the parking garage and he barely hit one and felt something drop. It was the inside of the ring! crazy crazy.

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