Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Loves

I was tagged by one of my oldest friends Lindsey and since I have been a bit out of the world as of late I thought I'd participate!

So here it goes:

My 5 loves:
1. I love Freddie pants. He's a nerd...I'm a totally works.
2. Family: I have the best family and also married into the best family. I wish the Wald's lived closer so we could see them all as much as we get to see mine. We have so much fun with both families, I'm really lucky. With Family is friends because often times our friends have quickly become our families.
3. Boot Camp. I know...who loves boot camp but I seriously do. I'm super sweaty and gross at the end but that means I've worked by butt off (if only it would literally fall off). I love to hate Shelley, my boot camp instructor.
4. Weekends: They are NEVER long enough. I long for Fridays and dread Mondays. I love doing anything on the weekends from nothing to crazy busy. It's nice to have a couple of days to just hang out with my husband, friends, and the cleaning supplies.
5. Event Planning: I love coordinating events, parties, dinners, etc. I love love it. Someday this will be what I do for a the meantime let me know if you want me to plan something for you!

I tag...Emily, Amy, Davian, Mandy, and Stank

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Jake and Danielle said...

hey chanan. so my little girl will be one in june. i want to plan her a really fun and cute birthday party. any ideas? i know it is still a while a way but it will be here before i know it.