Monday, November 10, 2008

The Move

This past weekend we FINALLY moved! YAY!

Our camera was lost during the move (only to be found in my purse...where I put it specifically to get pictures of the girl) so I don't have any pictures of the actual move, or all the help we had.

I have some pictures of the new place BUT we don't have the internet so pictures are coming...

We're still very much in boxes but we're happy to be in our new house.

A big thanks to my parents who came up just to help (we couldn't have finished without them!), Erin who had nothing better to do, Blake & Aubrei, and Amanda.

We'll get some pictures posted soon!

Oh and I'm not sure why I wanted to's such a pain!! We won't be doing this again...until next year!?

Anyone want to come visit?? Cache Valley is gorgeous this time of year what with all the dreariness, dead leaves, and the chill in the air! Come on up!


Amanda said...

I do wanna come over!!!! Hurry and post pictures so I can see....

Matthews Family said...

Congrats on the big move! I know what you mean me and Jer and moved every year that we've been married! Hopefully we can be done for a while. My actual due date is Dec.7th.


yea, i'm so happy for you... I want pictures though Chana:)